[Exness: For beginners] Is it prohibited to use both sides? Possible? FX trading notes and explanations

Many Forex companies often prohibit the trading format called Hedging. But what about Exness? Exness is a Forex company with few restrictions and a very high degree of freedom. It also mentions prohibited items.
About exness

[Exness: For Beginners] Relationship with Japan’s Financial Services Agency Reasons why FX companies are not registered Explanation

Among users using Exness, Japanese traders should be concerned about one point. Is it because Exness is licensed by the Japanese Financial Services Agency? about it. This article also covers the reliability and safety of Exness.

[Exness: For Beginners] List of items that can be used as expenses for tax measures

If you trade on Exness and get a total plus for the year, you have to report it as a profit. Failure to do so will result in an investigation by the tax office. So, I wrote an article about what kind of trade items can be recorded as expenses.

[Exness: For beginners] Differences between order methods STP and ECN Thorough comparison of accounts and spreads

In Exness, the order method is divided into STP and ECN. This varies by account type, with Standard Cent, Standard and Pro accounts being STP and the remaining account types being ECN. What is the difference between these ordering methods?

[Exness: For Beginners] Troubleshooting: When you forget your login password How to confirm and change it

In Exness you cannot start trading without logging in. Users are also human, so they should forget things sometimes. If you forgot your password or want to change it, please refer to this article.

[Exness: For Beginners] Troubleshooting: Can’t order MT4/MT5 Line disconnected? Updating?

If you are trading on Exness, you may run into a situation where you cannot place an order. This may be an MT4 or MT5 problem, or a line problem. Please be aware that the way to deal with failures will vary depending on the situation.