[Exness: For Beginners] Reasons why there are no bonuses or campaigns Account opening, deposit bonus information Thorough explanation


Exness may be said to be quite special among Forex companies. This is because it is known as a company that does not have many bonuses. However, the number of traders is still very large worldwide, making it a popular company. Why would a trader use Exness?

Exness Bonus

Are there really no bonuses or campaigns at Exness? As you can see from the lack of detailed information, it is famous among overseas Forex companies as a company that does not have bonuses. There are affiliated sites that offer cash back, but compared to XM, titanfx, axiory, etc., they don’t have any plans for free campaigns. When I asked support on the official website, they said there were no plans. However, from a customer’s perspective, low spreads are a major attraction.

Account opening bonus

Exness does not offer an account opening bonus. This is not just a current story, it has been like this for a long time. We have never held a campaign in the past where you can receive an account opening bonus, and there are no plans to do so in the future. When using Exness, you need to trade only with your own funds from the beginning. Although trading costs are quite high, professional accounts allow you to trade with low spreads. You can invest in gold, Bitcoin, etc.

deposit bonus

Exness does not currently offer a 100% deposit bonus in addition to an account opening bonus. We have never held a deposit bonus campaign. Since there are no limited-time promotion events, the content is poor, and even after depositing, you have to trade with your own funds. New users may be surprised to find that they receive nothing at all.


Currently, Exness does not hold any campaigns such as account opening bonuses or deposit bonuses. This is a very rare phenomenon, and compared to other FX companies, it can be said that it is clearly a rare phenomenon. However, if you are a special premium member, you will be given priority over a dedicated manager who is knowledgeable about the industry, which is quite attractive. Regarding the content, the person in charge will conduct market research and analysis for the target users. Premier has ranks such as Preferred and Elite.

Reasons for not doing bonuses

Forex companies often offer bonuses when opening accounts, receive bonuses equal to the amount deposited, and carry out extravagant bonus campaigns. This is why I’m doing this, the main thing is to attract customers. . Bonuses are like advertising costs. The revenue source of the FX company is the spread (commission) that occurs at the time of trading. Even if you provide a bonus, many traders will trade, and the company will make money.

Exness, on the other hand, does not do this at all. Companies that offer few bonuses often have tighter spreads, and this is even more pronounced for companies that do not, and Exness is an example of this. Considering the above, the reason why Exness does not implement bonus campaigns is that it operates from the trader’s perspective. As much as we do not provide bonuses, we are focusing on the server and you can trade stress-free.

Benefits of using Exness

As mentioned above, Exness is famous as a company without any bonus, but is there any merit?

Unlimited leverage

The biggest advantage of Forex trading with Exness is unlimited high leverage trading. It has become a very popular company for traders because it is a company that can make money at once with unlimited leverage. No other company offers unlimited leverage.

Loss cut level 0%

The loss cut system, which is an automatic loss cut system, operates at 0%. Therefore, the forced loss cut does not move until the last minute. 0% = full loss, but conversely, it is left to the discretion of the trader.

narrow spreads

Exness is a company that is very characterized by narrow spreads as mentioned above. Spreads can be tight, which gives scalping traders a great advantage. Low spread accounts and zero accounts are highly recommended.

AccountStanddardProLow SpreadZero

Abundant stocks to trade

About 100 currency pairs can be traded at Exness, and more stocks are handled than others.

Low Spread
Forex major currency88
Forex minor currency2626
Forex exotic currency6441

Premier program

Exness has a membership program limited to loyal customers, called the “Premier Program”, in which only traders who have traded above a certain level can participate. Being a Premier member of Exness is very fulfilling because there are member-only services. If you become a high-rank member, you can have a super luxurious experience that you can’t experience anywhere else, such as interviews with Exness management and invitations to premier gala events, so be sure to check it out.