[Exness: For Beginners] NEET melts with FX End


FX is a dream for those who want to send a one-shot reversal life. This is because it is possible to earn money even if you have been a hikikomori until now. However, there are many NEETs who get carried away and melt their money, so be careful.

FX is recommended for NEETs

Why FX is recommended for NEETs? This is for the following reasons.

No academic background, no work experience required

NEETs basically have no professional skills and often have no educational background. But that is only seen when looking for a job, not when investing. Investing is very fair because it does not discriminate on the basis of education or work experience. Even NEETs can earn money in FX.

Trade from a small amount

NEETs don’t even work in the first place, so they don’t have much money in the first place. However, it is also possible to earn a large amount of money by trading from a small amount and using a system called leverage. Therefore, you can do a one-shot reversal.

I can do it until I die

Someday, I will reach retirement age when I work for a company. I cannot work in my old age. But in FX you can do it until you die. Moreover, it can be done with a smartphone, so it is highly recommended. Therefore, FX is recommended for NEETs as well.

end of NEET

There are probably many NEETs who started Forex because they didn’t like their job and started Forex because they didn’t earn money or were not hired at work. However, there are many risks involved in dissolving money. Let’s also know that NEET and FX are quite risky.

no job

If NEET melts money with FX, there will be no option to earn by investment. Without the principal, even the best trader cannot make money. If that happens, there is no choice but to work and earn money, but NEETs without work experience will run into the problem of not having a job, and they will be stuck.

cannot invest

If NEET melts money in FX, you will lose the principal. If this happens, FX can no longer be done. Because you can’t trade without the principal. If that happens, NEETs will have no means of earning money.

family breakdown

There is a risk of family breakdown. If a NEET melts away her parent’s money, she will probably be told to move out of the house. In the first place, you shouldn’t use your parents’ money without permission, but it’s even worse if it melts. You may lose your livelihood.

Until you win in FX

It is said that it will take at least 3 to 5 years before you can beat FX. If you are a NEET and want to win in FX from now on, you should find income other than FX in the first place. Because FX is not something that you can win so quickly. If you take it lightly, you may lose everything, so it is recommended to trade from a small amount.

Exness is for scalping

Exness is for scalping. This is because the spread is extremely narrow. Therefore, if you like scalping, please register with Exness and start trading. Since opening an account is free, please refer to the following article to open an account.