[Exness: For beginners] Maximum lot and minimum lot by account, maximum number of positions held, restrictions, explanation


The number of traders registering accounts at Exness has increased significantly in recent years. It should be so. It is natural for traders to gather because the maximum leverage is unlimited, zero cut, no trading restrictions, and more stocks are handled than other companies. How long can you hold a position? What are the maximum and minimum lots?

List of account types

There are 5 different account types at Exness. Please see below for the differences between account types. Among overseas Forex companies, Exnes is capable of quite large high leverage trades, as stated on its official website. There are no bonuses, but the spreads are narrow. The margin will not be cut down to zero. The advantage is that there is a dedicated account for professional traders that can make profits mainly from low spread accounts. You can trade under very favorable conditions compared to xm, fxgt, axiory, titanfx, threetrader, hfm, bigboss, etc.

Exness Lot Number

The basic lot size depends on the trading account.

Standard account100,000 currency
Standard cent account1,000 currency
Low spread account100,000 currency
zero account100,000 currency
professional account100,000 currency

What is lot?

Lot refers to a unit of currency amount. 1 Lot = 1,000 currency in a Standard Cent account on Exness. In recent years, the number of Forex companies that support 1 lot = 1,000 currencies is increasing. The reason we started using the lot unit is simply to reduce order mistakes as much as possible. When you buy a position, if you enter a lot of 0 values, it is easy to make an order mistake.

Minimum lot size

Exness has a minimum lot size. The minimum lot size is 0.01 lots for all types of trading accounts.

Standard account0.01
Standard cent account0.01
Low spread account0.01
zero account0.01
professional account0.01

Maximum number of lots

The maximum number of lots per account is 200 lots. This is common to all account types. However, Exness limits the number of lots depending on the time of day. The maximum number of lots is limited to 20 lots from 06:00 to 15:59. We are limiting lots because of the times when volatility is low.

16:00~05:59(Japan Time)06;00~15:59(Japan Time)
Standard account20020
Standard cent account20020
Low spread account20020
zero account20020
professional account20020

However, Exness has different maximum lot sizes for each CFD product. CFD stocks are characterized by relatively high volatility, and you can expect high returns even if the maximum lot is small.

CFD Brand NameMax LotsCurrency notation
Stock CFD101 million currency
Index CFD202 million currency
Metal CFD20020 million currency
Energy CFD202 million currency
Crypto CFD202 million currency

Comparison of maximum lot and number of positions with other Forex companies

You can see that Exness is quite large compared to other Forex companies. Exness can hold quite a lot of lots.

CompanyMax LotsMaximum number of positions
Mt5: Unlimited

Maximum position

Please note that the maximum number of positions in Exness is different between MT4 and MT5. There is no MT5 for cent accounts.

Standard account1000Unlimited
Standard cent account1000
Low spread account1000Unlimited
zero account1000Unlimited
professional account1000Unlimited

You can open an account for free

You can open an account with Exness for free. It is possible to open multiple accounts, and you can invest not only in exchange rates, but also in gold, energy, virtual currencies, stocks, natural gas, etc. The platform also supports MT4 and MT5. There is also a demo account, so you can practice trading before trading. Scalping is OK, and automatic trading (EA) is also OK, so you have a high degree of freedom and can trade even with small amounts.