[Exness: For Beginners] Are professional traders tough? Stop it?


Speaking of professional Forex traders, you may have a strong image of living an elegant life and living a very luxurious life every day. However, the reality is quite difficult, not everyone can easily do it, and the reality is that it is quite difficult to sustain.

What is a Forex Professional Trader?

A Forex trader is a trader whose main source of income is Forex. Since you have plenty of time left over, you can use all of your time for FX. There are many traders whose life rhythm is broken because of that, and many people are unhealthy. However, trading hours are often from European time to the New York market, and since this time is the most volatile, most people trade intensively during this time.

What is an FX part-time trader?

FX part-time traders refer to those who aim to become FX specialist traders, starting with beginners. The problem is that most of them don’t have much time because they are office workers or people who trade while doing other jobs. Therefore, these traders do not have much time to look at charts, so there are many cases where they trade with pre-orders. Some occupations don’t have time to look at charts, so you have to devise ways to do it.

Professional traders are tough

There are only a handful of professional traders. Some people may be able to make a living from trading temporarily, but few people can continue to earn from trading for decades. Therefore, the reality is that it is very difficult.

Only a handful of people can keep winning in trades

There are only a handful of people who can keep winning in trading. Some people can keep winning for a year, but those who can keep winning for 10 years are quite limited. Charts are an untouchable name, so it’s not easy for traders to do well. Even experienced traders find it very difficult to keep winning for more than 10 years.

The rhythm of life is broken

When you become a professional trader, your life rhythm collapses. You will be looking at the chart from morning to night, and your eating habits and sleeping hours will be disturbed. But because you have to keep looking at the charts, you become like a slave to the charts. When I have free time, I will spend it watching anime and movies, but I will be almost like a cripple.

unstable income

When you become a professional trader, the main thing is to obtain from trading. However, income is not stable. It is not guaranteed like a company employee’s monthly salary. Therefore, if you lose, you will lose your income, and your life will become difficult. Since there is no guarantee, there is a disadvantage that income tends to be unstable.

get bored

Many people who are office workers envy the freedom of professional traders because of their busy lives. However, when you become a full-time trader, there is nothing to do and you have more free time. Especially for those who have no hobbies, this is a dangerous sign, and many people become lethargic because of their lack of hobbies.

a lot of pressure

Professional traders are blocked in a way. Professional traders lose money if they do not earn income from trading. And if you become a full-time trader, it will be quite difficult to find a new job. There will be a blank period in your work history, so companies will not deal with you. A professional trader’s income is also quite volatile, so they are under pressure to win.

Forex Professional Trader Population

The population of Forex traders is said to be about 10,000. The majority of other traders are part-time traders, especially office workers. There are also many cases where freelancers do FX as a side job. Even if you are winning in FX, there are so many people who choose side jobs. The reason for this is, as I explained above, that the income is unstable.

Estimated funds required for Forex traders

The bottom line is that you can earn the money you need to live by trading. There is no fixed income for a professional trader, everything is determined by the results of your trades. Since it is all self-responsibility, you cannot become a professional trader unless you can produce at least a total plus for the year.

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