[Exness: for beginners] Is it possible to do pyramiding with scalping?


Pyramiding is a method that is often used to accumulate profits in scalping. But pyramiding is not so easy. If you get the timing wrong, you can lose a lot, so this is a tactic for intermediate players who are used to trading to some extent.

What is pyramiding?

Pyramidting is a strategy to increase the number of balls. I put in the first entry at a certain point, and when I get about 10 pips unrealized profit from there, I will put in a position again. The standard is to lower the lot, but there are times when the lot is increased beyond the initial point. In this way, it is a strategy to increase positions as it goes forward, and if it goes well, you can make many times more profit than usual, but if it fails, there is a risk of losing a lot.

scale down pyramiding

Scale-down pyramiding is famous for pyramiding. In general, we will increase the number of lots while reducing the number of lots by half. It is a method to buy more from 10 lots → 5 lots → 2 lots → 1 lot. In general, we will increase the number of lots while reducing the number of lots by half. Apart from this, there is also an inverted pyramid type trade. This is a method of buying 1 lot → 2 lots → 3 lots → 5 lots. However, not many people use this method.

equal position pyramiding

Equal position pyramiding is a method of increasing positions with the same lot number. If you decide 5 lots, you will continue to buy 5 lots at a time. This will result in larger profits and losses than scaling down.

pyramiding with scalping

In general, it is common for many traders to incorporate pyramiding in day trading and swing trading. That should be the case, and the increase ball strategy is because it is difficult to enter the next entry if the first position does not progress to some extent. Therefore, there are not many people who do pyramiding with scalping. The points when pyramiding with scalping are as follows.

big profit and big loss

With scalping, pyramiding can be a big loss or a big profit. When it comes to pyramiding with scalping, the entry interval in one position is narrow, so there is a big risk. If it reverses at some point and goes backwards, all the positions you have put in will be unrealized, and it will be a pretty tough situation.

keep an eye on the chart

In scalping, pyramiding is all about entry timing, so you have to watch the chart all the time. Therefore, it requires a lot of concentration. If it goes backwards at some point, you have to cut your losses quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to accumulate while watching the reaction of the chart.

need skill

In scalping, pyramiding is more difficult than day trading or swinging. This is because scalping itself is a very timing-sensitive trading method. Therefore, if you are not used to it, it is recommended that you start with day trading and swinging instead of scalping. In addition to that, you should first get used to scalping itself.

Close spacing between positions

In scalping, pyramiding has narrow intervals between positions. Scalping itself will settle in a few seconds at the earliest. Therefore, it requires a very quick decision whether to cut losses, take profits, and whether to enter. Regardless of how the result will move, if you do not decide the loss cut point and profit take point in advance, you will be in a lot of trouble.

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