[Exness: For beginners] Is it prohibited to use both sides? Possible? FX trading notes and explanations

Many Forex companies often prohibit the trading format called Hedging. But what about Exness? Exness is a Forex company with few restrictions and a very high degree of freedom. It also mentions prohibited items.

[Exness: For Beginners] Unlimited Leverage, Limits Leverage Regulations and Rules Thorough Explanation

Exness allows trading with unlimited leverage and 0% loss cut level. Certain conditions are required to meet unlimited leverage. The specific conditions and restrictions are summarized in the article. In addition to high leverage, Exness is also highly rated for spreads and execution power.
About exness

[Exness: For Beginners] Reputation and reviews FX company overview, license, safety Advantages and disadvantages

Exness is one of the most popular Forex companies in the world. It is a company that is active not only in foreign exchange but also in virtual currency trading, and has a large number of users. I will introduce the safety and reliability of Exness as a company. Whether or not there is a financial license will be a concern for traders.