[Exness: For Beginners] List of Exness financial products and trading hours (Japan time) for each FX brand


You can trade many instruments on Exness. However, the trading hours are different for each stock. We will introduce the trading hours of Exness, the timing of switching, and the trading hours during Christmas and New Year holidays.

Exness trading hours

Exness trading hours vary between sumExnes trading hours vary depending on summer time and winter time. Summer time and winter time are one hour apart, and summer time is one hour earlier. If you carry over the position to the rollover time, the swap points will be reflected. When making limit orders, payments, or automatic trading (EA), the timing of normal time changes will be affected, so we recommend checking the market and making calculations. Trading times also vary depending on the investment product, such as FX currency pairs, indexes, and CFDs. The leverage settings are different, and swap points occur.mer and winter time. Summer time and winter time are one hour apart, and summer time is one hour earlier. Swap points will be reflected when the position is carried over to the rollover time.

Summer TimeMonday 06:05~ Saturday 05:59(Japan Time)
Winter TimeMonday 07:05~ Saturday 06:59(Japan Time)

When to switch between summer time and winter time

Exness is based on US Daylight Savings Time (DST), with different market opening and closing times in summer and winter. Winter and summer will change on the second Sunday in March. In the case of summer and winter, it will be changed on the first Sunday of November.

GMT time is GMT+0 in both summer and winter

Please note that Exness trading hours are GMT+0 in both summer and winter, which is different from other companies’ summer: GMT+3 and winter GMT+2. Exness summer time is from 21:05 to 20:59 GMT+0 and closes at 20:59 as shown in the MT4 quote. The industry uses Greenwich Mean Time information to provide services. Be careful when trading in the market. This also applies to hfm, xm, easy markets, etc.

forex trading hours

As a general rule, Exness currency pairs can be traded at any time from early Monday morning to early Saturday morning, but the trading hours for some stocks are shorter than for other currency pairs. The foreign exchange market is closed on Sundays. Tokyo, London, and New York markets are all closed. Investors often take Sundays off or invest in Bitcoin.

Forex Monday 07:05~ Saturday 06:59(Japan Time)

precious metal trading hours

Trading hours for precious metals are slightly different for Gold/Silver and Platinum/Palladium.

XAUMonday 08:05~Saturday 06:59(Japan Time)
XAGMonday 08:05~Saturday 06:59(Japan Time)
XPDMonday 08:10~Saturday 06:59(Japan Time)
XPTMonday 08:10~Saturday 06:59(Japan Time)

Cryptocurrency trading hours

Virtual currencies can basically be traded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except during server maintenance. Trading is possible on weekends and holidays, so it is a recommended brand for office workers.

energy trading hours

Energy trading hours are different for Friend Crude Oil and WTI Crude Oil.

USOILMonday 08:10~Saturday 06:45(Japan Time)
XNGUSDMonday 08:10~Saturday 06:45(Japan Time)
UKOILMonday 10:10~Saturday 06:55(Japan Time)

Stock Indices Trading Hours

Stock index trading hours vary slightly depending on the stock.

AUS200Monday 08:30~Saturday 06:00(Japan Time)
US30Monday 08:30~Saturday 06:00(Japan Time)
FR40Monday 08:30~Saturday 06:00(Japan Time)
DE30Monday 08:30~Saturday 06:00(Japan Time)
USTECMonday 08:30~Saturday 06:00(Japan Time)
US500Monday 08:30~Saturday 06:00(Japan Time)
STOXX50Monday 08:30~Saturday 06:00(Japan Time)
UK100Monday 08:30~Saturday 06:00(Japan Time)
JP225Monday 09:00~Saturday 06:00(Japan Time)
HK50Monday 09:00~Saturday 06:00(Japan Time)

stock trading hours

Trading hours for stocks (individual stocks) are the same for all stocks.

StockMonday 23:40~Saturday 05:45(Japan Time)