[Exness: For Beginners] Forex female trader suitable personality and characteristics


Speaking of Forex traders, I have the impression that there are many men. That should be the case, because there are many men in all fields, such as cryptocurrencies, stocks, and FX. Therefore, it is quite rare to become a female trader, and it is rare, but what kind of person can become a female trader?

Female traders are a rare breed

There are very few female traders. Whether it’s stocks or Forex, the world is basically dominated by men, so there are very few women who become professional traders. When it comes to women, many are active in the beauty, apparel, and cosmetics industries, but many of them are reluctant to venture into the world of currency exchange. That is why female traders are scarce. Of course, there are many points that are superior to male traders.

female trader scammer

On the other hand, there are cases where female traders sell paid salons and information products on Instagram and Youtube, but these are not 100% traders. Do not trust them as they are almost 100% scammers. These women don’t actually trade at all, most of them just want to make money selling information products. If you are really profitable by trading, you do not need to sell information products.

Characteristics of Forex female traders

What kind of characteristics and personality do female FX traders, a rare breed, have? In general, it has the following characteristics.

do not trade gambling

Forex female traders do not gamble trades. This is where the male traders clearly outperform. Forex female traders are steady and can save money steadily in many ways, but in the case of male traders, there are many people who have romance, so there are many cases where they get greedy and lose big.

make steady efforts

Forex female traders can make steady efforts. We don’t do anything unreasonable, and we will gradually do what we can surely do at the moment, so we will make steady efforts and grow, so even if it seems that we are not growing much, in fact, we are growing more than anyone else, which is a characteristic of female traders. Most of them have a serious personality.

don’t raise lots

In the case of male traders, there are many cases where they make a lot of unreasonable pick-ups and lose a lot, but female traders do not do that. A characteristic of female traders is that they do not make unreasonable trades. Since it has the feature of steadily saving money with a low lot in one position, the possibility of a big loss is low.

not influenced by emotions

For male traders, as soon as they lose, the blood rushes to their heads and they try to win big. However, in the case of women, for better or worse, they are at their own pace, so many of them are not controlled by their emotions. Forex is a mechanism that loses 100% when it is swallowed by emotions. That is why it is suitable for women.

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